Online Tracking and Tracing
Please enter your Marken reference number:



You can also track Marken shipments on GPRS enabled PDAs and Mobile Phones at:
INFO Click here to view details on adding a Configurable URL to your in-house computer system to automatically track Marken shipments.
A valid MARKEN reference can be either of the following:
1. Twelve numbers beginning with a “6” e.g. 608001005047.
2. Three capital letters followed by six numbers e.g. LON123456 - If you do not have six numbers following the three capital letters please enter the necessary amount of leading zeros - e.g. NYC001234.

In addition you can find your shipment by entering a Shipper or Consignee Reference or partial Reference (with a minimum of 4 characters) in the Reference box.
If you would like to know more about our on-line Track and Tracing capabilities or if you are experiencing any problems in tracking the status of a particular shipment, please contact Marken at

If you require immediate shipment status on your consignment please contact the Marken office responsible for your shipment. This is denoted by the three letter prefix at the start of the Marken shipping reference eg: if your number begins with the letters HKG then you should contact Marken Hong Kong.
Please click here for a full list of offices and contact details.


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